Chicken Hill: Asheville’s oldest neighborhood

Chicken Hill: Asheville’s oldest neighborhood

About Chicken Hill and Urvana

Chicken Hill is a mill village in Asheville, North Carolina, that dates back to the 1880s. Imbued with rich history and excellent location, this hip and funky neighborhood is a charming place to live. A short walk to downtown, to the River Arts District, and to the French Broad River makes Chicken Hill an ideal place to live, work and play.

Specializing in urban streetscape development, Urvana LLC, is committed to the rebirth of Chicken Hill as a vibrant downtown neighborhood implementing the best principles of Historic Preservation, New Urbanism and Green Building. We have completed numerous renovations of existing homes, currently own over twenty building sites on the hill and have recently completed our first new home there, “Oliver’s House,” a model home for the five- unit Chicken Hill Co-Operative on Roberts Street.

We now have architectural guidelines designed by Jaime Correa and Associates for new construction and renovation of older homes in this community. We choose to treat the traditional architecture of Chicken Hill as a living style, reinventing it with modern whimsical embellishments. It is our desire to treat the Victorian movement with respect; not just to embrace it, but have it embrace us and our time.

Design principles for the new neighborhood focus on intelligently maximizing usable space while creating a friendly environment that includes green building concepts, front porches, edible landscaping and community gardens. See the site plans for the Chicken Hill Co-Operative for examples.

Visit Riverlink for more information about the economic revitalization of the French Broad River including interactive maps of the area and an artist’s sketches of the proposed river park and public space at (frames 20 and 21).

The Asheville Cotton Mill, The Earle Chesterfield Mill and Chicken Hill as seen from the air.

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