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In efforts to improve the water quality within the French Broad River Watershed, RiverLink has spearheaded numerous water quality projects throughout the watershed including stream restorations, stormwater BMPs, rain gardens, and low impact development.  To visit the projects, check out our self guided tours.  All projects on public property can be visited, without prior notification; parks are open from dawn to dusk.  School properties require visitors to sign in at the front office.

If you have a question about a stormwater issue at your residence, please check out our Water Reuse, Infiltration, and Conservation for the Home Program – WaterRICH


Ross Creek Stormwater Improvement Project

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Ross Creek winds down from Town Mountain through Chunns Cove thru Kenilworth to Kenilworth Lake, then down to the Swannanoa River.  RiverLink is working with the Neighborhood and the city to improve water quality in this impaired target watershed, through riparian conservation and implementing project identified in the 2007 Ross Creek Master Plan.


Craven Street Stormwater Management Project

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This project is a sustainable approach to improving public infrastructure and aims to improve stormwater management, mobility and safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorist, increasing connectivity, and encouraging alternative forms of transportation within the Craven Street Watershed.

In partnership with the City of Asheville and New Belgium Brewing Company, RiverLink will implement stormwater BMPs to treat runoff from the neighborhood roads, roof top and other impervious surfaces, and restore a section of the stream through the New Belgium Brewery. This will improve the quality of the water and reduce stormwater flows to the stream and French Broad River.


Linking Waters

RiverLink is pleased to be working with yet another dedicated group of volunteers and professionals to create an innovative new demonstration project for homeowners. In the South French Broad neighborhood, a private property owner has offered her home as a demonstration site for an innovative whole systems permaculture project to reclaim urban water for jobs, the environment and food production.    The project aims to implement low tech mechanisms to improve water quality, reduce runoff, and revitalize land for food production and community gathering space.   Some elements included at the site are infiltration berms and swales, soaker works, sheet mulching, and microfiltration gabions (using mushrooms to filter out pollution!).


Hominy Creek Watershed

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In 2008 RiverLink restored portions of two tributaries to Hominy Creek and improve stormwater management issues contributing to the degradation of the stream.  Rhododendron Creek, as it runs through West Asheville Park, and Buttermilk Creek through Malvern Hills Park provides opportunities to improve the water quality of the French Broad River.   RiverLink worked with Baker Engineering, the neighborhood and the City of Asheville to develop successful stream restorations and a variety of stormwater BMPs in the parks.  Visit the Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway website for more information and updates on current projects and volunteer opportunities.


Swannanoa River Watershed

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In 2001, RiverLink identified an opportunity to develop a demonstration project taking a watershed wide approach to improving water quality within the Swannanoa River Watershed.   This project identified 5 project sites to implement stormwater BMPs to treat non-point source pollution, and two stream restorations.   Stormwater BMPs project sites include Evergreen Charter School and the Jones residence in Haw Creek, Riverwalk Park and Well Lot #6 in Black Mountain, and Azalea Park.  We restored a small section of Haw Creek through Charlie Bullman Park, and restored over 1 mile of the Swannanoa River through Azalea Park.  The Swannanoa Restoration is one of the most highly visited restorations for educational and recreational purposes.


Robinson Creek Restoration

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Robinson Creek parallels Mills Gap Road in Arden, draining over 2500 acres of land, before it converges with Cane Creek.  The Cane Creek watershed was identified by the NCEEP as one of 28 local watersheds with the greatest need for stream and wetland restoration.  In 2007, RiverLink had the opportunity to work with a group of professionals and residences in South Asheville, to restore over a half mile, 3500 linear feet of Robinson Creek.  Robinson Creek is classified as, trout waters, therefore beyond restoring the stream an additional 20 acres of riparian conservation easement was donated to protect these resources.


Asheville Fire Station #2

Watershed: Town (Nasty) Branch

Location: 315 Livingston Street, Asheville, NC, 28801


  • Capture and treat stormwater runoff from the site and water from washing the trucks.
  • Provide educational opportunities on wetlands and water quality.
  • Design and install a rain garden with the NC State University and NC Cooperative Extension service, as part of a rain garden certification class.

Project Description:

The City of Asheville Fire Department and Stormwater Services Department approached RiverLink with the idea of making our Fire Stations demonstration sites for sustainable technologies. The goal is to treat the stormwater and water from washing the fire trucks prior to entering Town Branch, a tributary to the French Broad River. Fire Station #2 was selected as the first pilot project site, supported through a grant from the Pigeon River Fund. RiverLink teamed up with the NC Cooperative Extension Service to provide a rain garden certification class in the fall of 2012. During this class the participants installed the plants, outlet control structure, and mulch in the rain garden. The City participated through excavating the garden, installing a trench drain and underground pipe to the garden, and continues to assist in modifications and maintenance.


Carrier Park

Watershed: French Broad River

Location: Amboy Road, Asheville


  • Provide educational opportunities on wetlands and water quality, through the development of an Outdoor classroom with interpretative signage
  • Install a rain garden and stormwater wetlands.
  • Treat stormwater runoff from 1.5 acres of impervious surface.

Project Description:

In 1999 the former Asheville Motor Speedway, a 50-acre motor racetrack on Amboy Road, was purchased and developed into what has become the most used recreational facility in the city of Asheville. RiverLink raised over $1.6 million dollars, for the purchase and development. In 1999, RiverLink donated the Speedway, with a conservation easement, to the City of Asheville.  This property offered opportunities to capture and treat stormwater from the adjacent neighborhoods. A few large constructed wetlands were developed to capture and treat rain water before it enters the French Broad River. There are numerous kiosks throughout the park that assist in educating the public on stormwater management.  The old Speedway has been rechristened Carrier Park and now boasts a variety of family fun activities that attract visitors from all over the region.

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In efforts to improve the water quality within the French Broad River Watershed, RiverLink has spearheaded numerous water quality projects t[...]

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