WLOS: Duke Energy to assist homeowners living near coal ash sites

WLOS: Duke Energy to assist homeowners living near coal ash sites

Duke Energy says clean water and compensation is on the way for those affected by coal ash contamination. But what that means for those living near the Lake Julian plant in Asheville is still being finalized.

On Wednesday, Duke Energy announced plans to provide permanent drinking water and financial support for ten communities across the state located near coal ash sites.

The Asheville site is not on that list. The announcement says the plan for the Lake Julian plant is being finished and is scheduled to be submitted to the state by December 15.

Jeri Cruz-Segarra lives less than a half-mile from that location and has been drinking bottled water provided by Duke Energy for two years. She said her well water is contaminated by the coal ash basin near Lake Julian.

“Our well has very high levels of boron in it. Boron is a constituent of hexavalent chromium, so it’s just a matter of time before our well is condemned,” said Cruz-Segarra.

She believes the chemicals led to cancer, taking the lives of three of her neighbors and her dog. But since their homes are on the other side of the French Broad River, Duke Energy is not required to provide a connection to city water.

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