About RiverLink

About RiverLink

RiverLink promotes the environmental and economic vitality of the French Broad River and its watershed.

Our Vision

By 2030 RiverLink will be a national model for our success at revitalizing and restoring the French Broad River Watershed from Rosman to Hot Springs where each community values the river as a place to Live, Learn, Work, and Play.

Our Values

  • Respectful and valued relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Empowerment and accountability
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Excellence in execution with continuous improvement
  • Tangible and Lasting Results

How we do our work – Experience. Learn. Conserve.

We invite watershed communities to experience the French Broad River in all its beauty. We provide recreational and volunteer opportunities to encourage connection with the river.

We encourage children and adults to learn about the importance of the River ecosystems, and water quality. We hope that increased understanding will lead to a new generation of river stewards.

We conserve water through large-scale water quality programs that address controlling stormwater runoff, restoring damaged streams and teaching homeowners how to manage residential rainwater issues.

We conserve land by helping landowners voluntarily protect the conservation values of their property in riparian areas of the watershed or to donate their property to RiverLink for the benefit of the public.

RiverLink Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Strategic Goal 1:  Identify, seek, and implement projects for the betterment of the health of the French Broad River watershed.

Strategic Goal 2:  Provide educational and experiential opportunities to increase community awareness of the health of the French Broad River watershed and RiverLink’s role.  Prepare the next generation of River Stewards. Consider and evaluate educational opportunities involving RiverLink’s current and future projects.

Strategic Goal 3:  Strengthen the integration and messaging of RiverLink’s projects and accomplishments to increase community awareness and fundraising potential.

Strategic Goal 4: Evaluate and prioritize RiverLink programs and projects undertaken by RiverLink to ensure adequate capacity.

Strategic Goal 5:  Take affirmative steps to address barriers in equity, diversity and inclusion in carrying out our mission so that all communities have the opportunity to connect with the French Broad River and its watershed regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, race, gender, or sexual identity.

About RiverLink