French Broad River Facts and Conditions

French Broad River Facts and Conditions

Explore The French Broad River

Looking to plan an adventure on the French Broad River? Don’t go on your trip unprepared. We’ve gathered some of our favorite river facts, maps, and stats about the beautiful French Broad.

Did you know
  • Scientists estimate that the French Broad River is the 3rd oldest in the world, following only the New and the Nile.
  • It’s also one of the few rivers that flows north, this is because it was around before the Appalachian mountains were formed.
  • The French Broad was known as the Agiqua, or ‘Long Man’ by the Cherokee Indians. They also called its many tributaries the ‘Chattering Children’.
  • The River got its name from early European settlers, of the two broad rivers in the area this one flowed into French territory in Tennessee.
  • Its headwaters are in Rosman NC, and it’s fed by water from 8 total counties in NC.
  • The entire watershed consists of over 4,000 miles of streams and rivers!

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