Supply Checkout

Supply Checkout

Empower Your Group with the Right Equipment

Have you noticed an area in your neighborhood that looks a little trashy? If so we’d like to give you the tools and resources to cleanup these spaces and create a healthier watershed! Our volunteer supply checkout can provide your group with all the equipment you need to get the job done. We can lend you gloves, trash grabbers, safety vests, and trash bags so your group can have a safe and efficient cleanup. If you’ve never done a cleanup before there’s no need to worry, our cleanup guide can fill you in on all the basics, and our staff is more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

We are happy to support your group for both stream and roadside cleanups. Stream cleanups can be a ton of fun and give your group a chance to see your community from a different perspective, please be aware though that anything in the water requires an extra level of caution. Roadside cleanups might not sound as glamorous but are a great way to keep trash from impacting our waters in the first place, they can also be a bit easier if your group is uncomfortable in the water.

If you’d like to do a cleanup but aren’t sure where to go, make sure to check out our map of suggested locations. After you’ve finished your cleanup send us any photos from your event so we can showcase all of your hard work!

Arrange for Supply Pickup
Let us know if you’d like to checkout some supplies by contacting us at: or (828) 252-8474

How to Plan a Cleanup

  1. Find a spot in your community that looks like it needs some love.
  2. Contact us at or (828) 252-8474 x 112 and let us know that you’d like to checkout some supplies. Please give us at least a weeks notice. 
  3. Read through our Cleanup Guide so you know what to bring/expect on your cleanup.
  4. Get out there and clean some trash! Make sure to pile everything by a major roadside for pickup.
  5. Arrange for trash pickup with the appropriate agency listed in the guide.
  6. Go and celebrate the awesome work you’ve done to improve our watershed!
  7. Return your supplies to RiverLink and send us any pictures from your cleanup so we can showcase your hard work.