Olivette: RiverLink’s Newest Conservation Easement!

RiverLink is excited to have partnered with Olivette Riverside Community & Farm to protect 16.63 acres of healthy forest, steep slope, and riparian buffer near the French Broad River in northern Buncombe County. 

A new conservation easement, which closed in December 2022, safeguards 450 linear feet along Newfound Creek; two North Carolina Heritage Program-priority species: Eastern Hemlock and Riverbank Wild Rye; and suitable habitat for several other rare and important native species, including the Montane Alluvial Forest and Low Elevation Seep communities.

RiverLink is excited to work with community members and partners to ensure this portion of the 400-acre “agrihood” remains preserved in perpetuity and educate residents on best management practices to support the conservation values that the easement was established to protect.

Aeriel view of the easement boundaries.

About RiverLink’s Land Resources Program: RiverLink is working to be increasingly strategic with its land trust program, which focuses on the protection of land within immediate proximity of the French Broad River and major tributaries. We prioritize the riparian, wetland and floodplain habitats that safeguard water quality, native plants, and wildlife, with communities of endangered, threatened, or rare species being especially important. We are also interested in facilitating projects with opportunities for stream restoration, green stormwater infrastructure, public river access, parks, greenways, education and scenic views.