Conserving Land

Conserving Land

Why Conserve Land?

If you are reading this, you are most likely a landowner in western North Carolina who is concerned about the future of your land along the French Broad River or one of its tributaries. Perhaps you have a farm or cattle ranch that has been in your family for generations, or maybe you recently purchased your second home in an idyllic rural area. Whatever your situation, many North Carolina landowners face the same dilemma: how do you ensure that the land you love looks the way that it does forever?

Conserve Your Property
To put a restriction on your land to save it in perpetuity, please review the sections on this page. You may also contact RiverLink’s Land Resources Manager at: or (828) 252-8474 ext. 11


Making deliberate choices about how land is used in North Carolina is vital to protecting the quality of life for the population that lives here. Conserved land provides natural barriers and buffer zones to protect water quality, open space and natural places for recreation, land where food is grown and development choices that can help combat pollution.

RiverLink works with landowners like you and your family who have a passion for their land and who want to find a way to ensure that its integrity and natural condition is preserved forever. Using a tool called a conservation easement, we can help you protect your land for the benefit of your future generations.