Stream Restorations

Stream Restorations

Why and How Do We Restore Streams?

Our rivers and streams have been altered over time by human activity, often resulting in poor water quality and the loss of critical fish and wildlife habitat. Stream enhancement and restoration projects aim to address impairment issues and return the stream to a healthy, functional ecosystem. Each project is unique to the stream and may require a variety of techniques including in-water structures and streambank modifications. Some situations simply call for a change in land management, such as planting woody vegetation along the streambank (i.e. riparian buffer). Riparian buffers help stabilize streambanks, moderate water temperatures, along with providing food and cover for wildlife.

RiverLink has helped restore over 2.5 miles of streams in the French Broad River Watershed and continues to seek impaired streams and funding for future projects. If you have a stream on your property with eroding streambanks, you may benefit from a stream enhancement or restoration.

Past Projects

Buttermilk Creek

This creek restoration at Malvern Hills Park in West Asheville was completed in 2010.