Storm Drain Marking Project

Storm Drain Marking Project


StormDrainStencils-11_08_08-020croppedDo you know where the water that flows into a storm drain goes? This water does not go to a treatment plant but flows directly into our streams, lakes, and rivers.

Many people poor oil, paint, yard waste, and other pollutants into the storm drain because they think the water will be treated before it reaches the river. Unfortunately this is not the case and consequently storm drains are a large source of pollution for the watershed.

Storm Drain Marking is one simple way of reducing the amount of pollutants going down the drain and into our rivers. This highly visible marker won’t solve all of our pollution problems but it is an easy first step towards public education and active involvement in storm water pollution prevention.

You can help protect your watershed by marking storm drains in your neighborhood. These durable plastic markers can be glued down in seconds. RiverLink will provide markers, safety vests, glue, and gloves for your project. If you have a group that is interested in getting involved, please take the following steps to get started.

  1. Organize friends, family, classmates or neighbors to help.
  2. Fill out the volunteer request form  and participant waiver and return by mail or email. Please notify at least 2 weeks in advance of a planned volunteer activity to ensure enough supplies for each group.
  3. Pick up supplies from designated location. Place the markers on all your neighborhood storm drains. Be sure to review the safety rules and guidelines.
  4. Return completed field data sheet to RiverLink (by mail or email). This helps us keep track of how many storm drains have been marked.

Please contact the Watershed Resources Coordinator with any questions ( or 828-252-8474 ext 13).


Volunteer Request Form

Participant Waiver

Safety rules and Guidelines

Field Data Sheet