Name That Creek

Name That Creek

Giving a Name to the Nameless

Community engagement is critical to conserving our waterways. Name that Creek is a RiverLink program that connects communities with local unnamed streams through naming campaigns. RiverLink works with residents living near an unnamed stream to collect potential names and create a poll. The winning name is then chosen democratically by community vote. Proposed stream names should be distinctive to the area, inspired by local history, folklore, or surrounding flora and fauna.

RiverLink submits the winning name and supporting documents to the U.S. Board of Geographical Names. Once approved by the Board, RiverLink will host a community celebration of the stream and the new name will appear on official USGS maps. The goal of the Name that Creek Program is to foster human connections to our regional waterways that will lead to better stewardship of these precious resources.

Name Your Creek
Interested in naming a creek in your neighborhood? Contact RiverLink’s Watershed Resources Manager at:, (828) 252-8474 X 14