Robinson Creek

RiverLink had the opportunity to work with a group of professionals and homeowners to implement a 20 acre land conservation easement and a half mile stream restoration of Robinson Creek, in South Asheville. Robinson Creek flows parallel to Mills Gap Road in Arden, and drains over 2,500 acres of land before it converges with Cane Creek.

The Cane Creek watershed was identified as one of 28 local watersheds with the greatest need for stream and wetland restoration, and this project was an important milestone in achieving improved water quality within the watershed.

Various improvement strategies were implemented to address sediment and water quality issues, and protect the land surrounding the stream. The 20 acre conservation easement ensures the protection of the floodplain, and riparian buffer enhancements trap sediment, remove nutrients and chemicals, and provide habitat and shade for aquatic creatures. The stream restoration and enhancement stabilized banks, improved stream function and aquatic habitat, reduced sedimentation, and provided a minimum 50 foot riparian buffer on either side of the stream.