We’ve Opened a Merchandise Shop!

Represent RiverLink

For all of you who’ve been wanting some RiverLink gear, we’ve opened a new shop on Redbubble so you can get all sorts of RiverLink goodies. We’re talking shirts of all sizes, mugs, tote bags, phone cases, pillows and more! Pick your design, select the type of merchandise you want it on and Redbubble will custom print it, 20% of all sales will come right back to RiverLink! Since Redbubble takes care of receiving orders and manufacturing the goods, our staff is able to focus on our important work to protect the river.

We’ll be creating more fun designs in the future so make sure to check back for more merch that can showcase your love for the French Broad River.

Note: the prices listed below will change depending on the type of merchandise you print on.